Release Notes

iOS 2.0.10 & Android 2.0.9

What's new

  • Push notifications.
  • In app messaging.
  • Map and home page iterations.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancement.

1.21.8 - 2021-09-23

What's new

  • Showcasing hourly calibrated values.
  • Health recommendations.
  • Default homepage settings for new users.
  • Air quality of user's current location.


  • News Feed enhancement.
  • Improved on wordings.
  • Enhanced the add places functionality to enable auto adding.

1.21.7 - 2021-09-01

The application supports android (5.0 or later) and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (iOS 12.0 or later). In the coming months, android requirements are most likely to change following the deadlines as stated in the distribution policy.​
We migrated our Google PlayStore accounts which means that those who had installed the app before 2021-03-24 will have to install and not update the app.

What's new

  • Help pages about PM 2.5 and PM 10.
  • News feed section linking to the website blog.


  • Enhanced the map and places search functionality to include autocomplete and suggestions.
  • Changed the colour theme and font family to match the brand guide specifications.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved installation failures for android devices
  • Fixed a bug that hindered sharing on various platforms.
  • Improved on the error messages displayed when failures occur due to network connectivity.