Customisable Charts

Click on the add chart button Fill in the below option and once done, click the add chart button to see your data.

Step by step on how to access your data

The Location name represents the title of your data that you want to view/download. Choose a preferred name that represents the group of sites you intend to select under the site’s section.

Add the sites you want to see. You can add as many locations/sites as you wish.

Choose the chart type, whether a bar chart, line graph or pie chart

Select the frequency, whether monthly, daily or hourly means.

Choose according to the time period,

  1. If you want to see air quality for a day or two days - hourly will be most appropriate,

  2. For air quality for up to a month or two months then daily will be most appropriate.

  3. Finally, choose monthly for longer-term air quality views

Finally, choose the pollutant either PM2.5 or PM10

Once done, click the add chart button and you will be able to view your data.

To change the settings for the chart click on the ellipsis or three dots (...) in the top right-hand corner of the chart. You will have options to change the following variables

  • Location name, site, chart type, Frequency, pollutant as well as time range whether 30 days, 90 days or custom range that allows you to set your own start and end dates.

How to delete your chart

Click the ellipsis (...) or the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the chart. A drop-down menu appears click delete to delete your chart.

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